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Associate Professor :
Dr. Eng. Shigeo ASAI
Office : South 8th Bld., Room 615iPost No. S8-43)
Ext. : 2432
e-mail : sasai(at)cms.
Lectures F
(Graduate School) Advanced Course of Organic Materials Design / Physical Properties of Organic Materials II
(Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials) Physical Chemistry (Materials Engineering Course) II
Research Field : Structure and Properties of Polymer and Polymer Composites
Assistant Professor :
Dr. Eng. Shuichi AKASAKA
Office : South 8th Bld., Room 614iPost No. S8-43)
Ext. : 4228
e-mail : akasaka.s.aa(at)m.
Research Field : Damping and Acoustic Properties of Polymer and Polymer Composites

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Asai Laboratory

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We are studying on the structure and properties of polymers and polymer composites with the aim of developing high-performance or functional polymer hybrids. In particular, the mechanical and electrical properties are of interest. For structure analysis we utilize a range of techniques such as WAXD, SAXS, FT-IR, NMR, and electron microscopy.

Research Topics :