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Professor :
Dr. Toshiaki OUGIZAWA
Office : South 8th Bld., Room 609iPost No. S8-33)
Tel & fax : +81-3-5734-2423
e-mail : ougizawa(at)cms.
Lectures F
(Graduate School) to be determined (Undergraduate) Physical Chemistry of Organic Materials (I) / Physical Properties of Organic Materials(I)
Research Field : Structure and Properties of Polymers, Polymer Alloys and Composites

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Ougizawa Laboratory

Research Fields

Our main research subject is about polymer mixtures such as polymer alloys, blends and composites, and researches of wide area from thermodynamics to practical materials are carried out as a pioneer of this field. In polymer alloys, we aim at making high performance and functional materials by controlling the structure from nano level or micron level to macro level. We try to establish the technique to achieve the character with a difficult filling only in a single material by mixing two or more polymers. Not only structural materials but also functional materials such as optical materials are studied by blending. Moreover, not only mixture properties but also basic properties of polymer such as thermal expansion behavior, crystallization, and gas permeability are investigated. Our present studies are as follows. To visit our lab is always welcome.

Research Topics :

Message from the Laboratory

The mottos of our group are "There is no basic research that cannot be applied!" and "To the next stage of polymer alloys". We are researching concerning the polymer structure and properties centering on the research of the polymer alloys. The students who have vitality are recruited. Let's join us for interesting research world!