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Professor : Dr. Yoshinori FUJIMOTO
Office : East Bldg 1. Room 54 (Post E1-4)
Tel : 2241
e-mail : fujimoto(at)cms.
Lectures :
(Graduate Course) Advanced Natural Product Chemistry
(Undergraduate Course) Chemistry I,II / Chemistry Laboratory I, II
Research Field : Bioorganic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry
Assistant Professor :
Dr. Kiyoshi OHYAMA
Office : East Bldg 1. Room 51 (Post E1-4)
Tel 3568
e-mail : kohyama(at)cms.
Lectures : (Undergraduate Course) Chemical Laboratory I,II
Research Field : Bioorganic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry

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FUJIMOTO Laboratory

Research Fields

Our research interest is focused on the chemistry and biochemistry of secondary metabolites, in particular lipid substances, including terpenoids and steroids. The structures, biosynthetic pathway and physiological roles of these substances are subjects of our studies. Knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and ecology will be useful in our study. For further detail, visit our homepage and enjoy outlines of each project.

Research Topics :

Message from the Laboratory

We would like to broaden our understanding of the secondary metabolites from various standpoints, e.g., structure, biosynthesis, physiological role, and possible utilization. Many students from other universities affiliate with our laboratory. We welcome students with high motivation in higher education and research. Start line is the same almost for all newcomers who may have little knowledge in this field. Then, you will be experts in our fields after several months. Let's join us to see an interesting world developed by natural products!