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Professor : Dr. Shinji ANDO
Office : East-2nd Bldg. Room 302
Tel : +81-3-5734-2137, fax : 2889
e-mail : sando(at)cms.
Lectures :
(Graduate School) Scope of Chemistry and Materials Science / Advanced Material Science of Polymers / G-COE Advanced Lectures on Product Manufacturing in Chemical Industry
(Undergraduate) Physical Chemistry(I) / Computational Polymer Chemistry
Research Field : Functional Polymers, Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrid Materials, Spectroscopies of Polymer Solids.

Assistant Professor : Dr. Ryohei ISHIGE
Office : East-2nd Bldg. Room 307
Tel : +81-3-5734-2889, fax : 2889
e-mail : rishige(at)polymer.
Research Field : Polymer Chemistry, Structure and Physical Properties of Polymeric Materials, Polymer Physics.

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Research Fields

The major target of our lab is "To develop novel functional polymers by controlling the three dimensional and electronic structures of aromatic polymers and fluoropolymers". In aromatic polymers, many substances are known to exhibit interesting thermal, electronic, and optical properties, and they form a major group of high performance polymers. In particular, fluorine-containing polyimides and highly fluorescent polyimides are attractive materials which possess high optical functionalities and high thermal stability. At present, we are investigating the structure-property relationships of aromatic polymers (polyimides) and fluoropolymers (vinylidene-fluoride copolymers and their inclusion compounds) in the solid state (films, nanofibers), and developing novel functional polyimides. Our present studies are as follows. To visit our lab is always welcome.

Research Topics :

Message from the Laboratory

The motto of our group is Do DifferentlyI
We hope to turn out best material scientists/engineers with high productivity and self-confidence through the prominent researches on functional polymer materials.