In line with its new education system, Tokyo Tech combined its undergraduate and graduate schools into six new Schools in April 2016. Please note that the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science no longer accepts new students.

January 1, 2016

Research Groups

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Name, Title, E-mail Research Field
Material Structure
Prof. EGUCHI, Tadashi, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: eguchi@cms.
Bioorganic Chemistry
Link to Eguchi Laboratory
Prof. KOMATSU, Takayuki, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: komatsu@cms.
Catalytic Chemistry
Link to Komatsu Laboratory
Prof. YASHIMA, Masatomo, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: yashima@cms.
Crystal structure analysis, Electron/nuclear density analysis, Inorganic materials for energy and electronics, Green materials, Biomaterials, Structural materials, Structure-based material design and development, First-principles calculations, Fuel cells
Link to Yashima Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. UEKUSA, Hidehiro, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: uekusa@cms.
Chemical Crystallography, Organic Crystal Chemistry
Link to Uekusa Laboratory
Assist. Prof. SEKINE, Akiko, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: asekine@chem.
Link to Uekusa Laboratory
Assist. Prof. OZAWA, Ken-ichi, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: ozawa.k.ab@m.
Surface Science, Chemistry and Physics of Low-Dimensional Materials
Link to Komatsu Laboratory
Assist. Prof. FUJII, Kotaro, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: kfujii@cms.
Chemical Crystallography, Solid-State Chemistry
Link to Yashima Laboratory
Adjunct Assist. Prof. NIWA, Eiki, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: niwa.e.aa@m.
Conductive design of oxides, Thermodynamic analyses of phase transition, solid-state CO2 absorbent, Establishment of estimation method of chemical expansion, Ceramic processing
Link to Yashima Laboratory
Chemical Transformations
Prof. TOYOTA, Shinji, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: stoyota@cms.
Physical Organic Chemistry, Structural Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry
Link to Toyota Laboratory
Prof. KOSHIHARA, Shinya, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: skoshi@cms.
Photo-induced Cooperative Phenomena, Optical Properties of Solids
Link to Koshihara-Okimoto Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. OKIMOTO, Yoichi, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: yokimoto@cms.
Optical Spectroscopy of Solids
Link to Koshihara-Okimoto Laboratory
Prof. YAMANAKA, Ichiro, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: yamanaka@cms.
Electrochemistry, Electrosynthesis, Catalysis, Oxidation.
Link to YAMANAKA Laboratory
Assist. Prof. TSURUMAKI, Eiji, Dr. Sci.
E-Mail: tsurumaki@cms.
Physical Organic Chemistry, Organoelement Chemistry, Structural Organic Chemistry.
Link to Toyota Laboratory
Assist. Prof. OGIHARA, Hitoshi, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: ogihara@cms.
Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Catalysis
Link to Yamanaka Laboratory
Materials Design
Prof. ANDO, Shinji, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: sando@cms.
Structures and Physical Properties of Solid State Polymeric Materials
Link to Ando Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. SATOH, Mitsuru, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: msatoh@cms.
Physical Chemistry of Polymer and Aqueous Systems
Link to Satoh Laboratory
Prof. OUGIZAWA, Toshiaki, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: ougizawa@cms.
Structure and Properties of Polymers, Polymer Alloys and Composites
Link to Ougizawa Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. ASAI, Shigeo, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: sasai@cms.
Structure and Properties of Polymer and Polymer Composites
Link to Asai Laboratory
Assist. Prof. AKASAKA, Shuichi, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: akasaka.s.aa@m.
Link to Asai Laboratory
Assist. Prof. ISHIGE, Ryohei, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: rishige@polymer.
Structure and physical properties polymeric materials, structural analysis of soft matters (liquid crystals, polymer, organic/inorganic hybrid materials) by synchrotron radiated X-ray scattering method.
Link to Ando Laboratory
Functional Materials
Prof. YANO, Tetsuji, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: tyano@cms.
Inorganic Glasses, Ion-Dynamics and Optical Properties
Link to Yano-Matsushita Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. MATSUSHITA, Nobuhiro, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: matsushita@cms.
Development of novel solution processes for functional ceramic film and powders, and that of functional ceramic materials for energy, environmental, and biomedical applications
Link to Yano-Matsushita Laboratory
Prof. NISHIKATA, Atsushi, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: nishikata@cms.
Electrochemistry. Corrosion Engineering, Fuel Cell
Link to Nishikata-Tada Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. TADA, Eiji, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: tada@cms.
Electrochemistry. Corrosion Engineering, Fuel Cell
Link to Nishikata-Tada Laboratory
Assist. Prof. WATANABE, Takashi, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: twata@mtl.
Link to Hayashi Laboratory
Assist. Prof. KISHI, Tetsuo, Dr. Eng.
E-Mail: tkishi@ceram.
Link to Yano-Matsushita Laboratory